I have been more active, lost weight and maintained a more positive attitude since our session.
— Pat Meyer-Peterson | Zero Balancing Practitioner | Charlottesville, VA

AFT is a 12-step process - developed by renowned Dr. Benjamin Perkus, Ph.d. - in which I will guide you in TRANSFORMING any fears, habits, and negative beliefs that hold you back, so you can begin living from a place of freedom and PERSONAL POWER!  Together, we'll work to evolve any:


  • Limiting beliefs

  • Emotional triggers

  • Fears

  • Negative self-talk

  • Bad habits

  • Traumatic memories


This process clears space for you to take IMMEDIATE action and move towards your goals and dreams, without experiencing the reactions that normally stop you cold in your tracks.  I will help  you to GO FOR IT, and feel fully alive and capable in getting what you want out of life!!

Are you ready to feel ON FIRE with passion and purpose, and to take charge of your LIFE'S PURPOSE?!?


How does AFT work?

1. Deeply CONNECT with what you want

2. CLEAR OUT your inner resistance to pursuing it or receiving it

3. CULTIVATE the skills necessary for success

4. Take action every day and CREATE the life you want! 


Still wondering if AFT is right for you?