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“AFT is a healing and empowering modality that cuts right to the root. I had one session with Teresa that helped me shift my daily routine to include meditation, exercise, and feeling a sense of hope.

AFT wouldn’t be as powerful without Teresa, whose life experience and inner work embody true healing and self-love. Teresa’s commitment to healing is reflected in her profound ability to create a field of wisdom and safety that led me to back my inner sanctum. I was blocked, and my psyche needed help out of my mind’s maze, and the affirmation, and the AFT practice truly unlocked what I had in me all the time. I took this tool and ran with it! Thank you, Teresa, for creating a field of resonance, reminding me of my truth, and for guiding me in, with the to integrity of your Heart’s path! You are truly an inspirational, wise, and compassionate medicine woman.”
— Sophia Angelina | Massage Therapist | Charlottesville, VA
As far back as I can remember, on the rare occasion that I was a passenger in the car it would cause me extreme anxiety. Stomach aching, heart racing anxiety. In those moment I could breathe through it and rationalize that the driver didn’t want to kill me or I could occupy myself for brief moment with my smartphone. But truth be told I avoided being a passenger as much as possible.

With an upcoming getaway planned with my sweetie I wanted to get through this. I knew he would love to chauffeur me around and I wanted to be able to do that without having a mini stroke in the passenger seat! The session with Teresa was simple but extremely enlightening.

I did my affirmations for the 5 days before my trip and was pleasantly surprised that I was perfectly fine in the passenger seat, relaxed and happy even! After 40 years of being a nervous, anxious passenger in the car I have actually started to enjoy the opportunity to kick back and relax.
— Ashley Clark | Hair stylist | Charlottesville, VA
“I found the AFT session quite illuminating! It enable me to look at some of my conditioned thoughts about myself in a new light. Teresa, in her calm and gentle way, guided me to feel empowered to change the way I look at issues that had been holding me back.”
— Linda Beights | Avid Cyclist | Greenwood, VA
My experience was transformational to the point that when I recently came up against some huge obstacles in my life, I immediately thought to call Teresa and do some AFT. The process is so helpful in itself but Teresa is the perfect conduit for this guidance. She was born to show others their potential and guide them to be their best selves.
Teresa was born to do this!
— A.P. | Charlottesville, VA
The power of this technique is wonderful. I came into the session having an idea of what I wanted to work on and Teresa expertly guided me through to the creation of an affirmation. Within about a week of the session and with follow up on the fun “homework” I noticed an incredible change in my life. I am looking forward to working with her in the future on other issues that I have been unable to address with “traditional” therapy. It truly is amazing the power that aromatherapy has when practiced by a caring, dedicated and truly gifted person such as Teresa.

Teresa provides a nonjudgmental, safe and nurturing environment. I strongly encourage everyone to make use of this valuable healing modality.
— Ann Marie Camden | Massage Therapist | Charlottesville, VA
“Teresa helped me get through a lot of my stumbling blocks and clarified the process all the way through. Her insight, understanding, and encouragement were invaluable. She’s very gifted.”
— Jean Tamarin | Charlottesville, VA
I was able to let go of some deep seated stories that have been haunting me for a long time. Felt like I was touched by a magic wand! Teresa is just a “natural” at this technique. Her enthusiasm and dedication for this work is infectious and inspiring.
— S.W. | Charlottesville, VA
“I felt a sense of release and openness, as well as inspiration and motivation.  I really love the way it allows the space for release of long held beliefs, emotional blocks AND asks you to integrate wisdom from those experiences into the shaping of your affirmation/goal/future path.  AND then gives you a tool for consistent integration into your life with a focus on positive change.  Woo hoo!  It really really resonates to take insights and have practices that help us embody them.”  
— Madeline Holly Sales | Vocalist | Belezamusic.com
What was amazing was that the intention we focused on in the session seemed to have immediate response for me and it was so profound, Teresa and I have still been laughing at the magic of it all. Teresa held the healing space with such dignity, ease and skill.
— Kathleen Maier, RH | SacredPlantTraditions.com
I have never been so deep in my personal process and healing, as I have with AFT, just in my first session!”
— James Fry | Solopreneur | groweverywhere.com
“I have been more active, lost weight and maintained a more positive attitude since our session.”
— Pat Meyer-Peterson | Zero Balancing Practitioner | Charlottesville, VA