What was amazing was that the intention we focused on in the session seemed to have immediate response for me and it was so profound, Teresa and I have still been laughing at the magic of it all.
— Kathleen Maier, RH | SacredPlantTraditions.com

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, and are the key to the AFT process - they clear the path to transformation by DISSOLVING the triggers that keep us from taking action in the direction of our deepest desires!

I use and wholeheartedly stand behind Young Living Essential Oils - they are the leader in the field of therapeutic grade oils, and have consistently shown ethical business practices.  Not only that, but this stuff works!  Here's how:

  • our sense of smell (the olfactory nerve) connects directly to, and immediately triggers the limbic system in the brain (where primitive reactions like fight or flight go off)
  • the limbic systems contains the Amygdala, which triggers our survival response, and resides directly next to the Hippocampus, which is the memory center of our brain (no wonder even thinking about a damaging memory can set us into panic mode!)
  • essential oils have been PROVEN to interrupt these emotional reactions, allowing us to reprogram entirely the memories and triggers that haunt us!


Your time to blossom is now!



What I LOVE most about Young Living Oils is that they help me to think clearly, tap into my INTUITION, and trust myself!  These were all things that I struggled with before hand, but now I have a sense of ease and calm, which allows me to take PROACTIVE action, rather than reactive action!  I can't tell you how amazing this shift has been for me - it's changed how I feel and see and do everything in my life.  All because of my deepening relationship with the oils!

It's through working with the oils and other tools that I've realized - you are not bound by what other people think, your old belief systems, all your subconscious limitations - in truth, NOTHING is holding you back.


Say goodbye to a life of passivity, resignation, and self-defeating thoughts!


During your AFT session, we will use the following Young Living Essential Oil Blends, formulated by D. Gary Young himself: