Teresa, in her calm and gentle way, guided me to feel empowered to change the way I look at issues that had been holding me back.”
— Linda Beights | Avid cyclist | Greenwood, VA


Teresa has always been a Cheerleader at heart!  From the ages of 8-18, her main extracurricular activity was cheering other people on to victory and success.  As a matter of fact, all of her occupations throughout her life: waitress, nanny, massage therapist, teacher, foster care agency office manager, reflexologist, coach ~ as well as proud mama of two sons, have utilized her innate gifts and core values - Teresa feels she was born to serve, to counsel, to nurture, to support and encourage, to lead by example.

After a serious car accident in 1985 left Teresa in chronic pain she launched on a life-long journey in search of health and healing.  An insatiable hunger for learning led her to numerous self-taught healing modalities, nutrition, movement and dance, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and an ever present desire for personal growth and transformation.

When Teresa was introduced to the Aroma Freedom Technique in January 2017, it was as if someone (shout out to Dr. Benjamin Perkus) had taken everything she's learned over the past 30 years and handed it to her in one amazingly powerful, yet simple tool!

At first she had her doubted that something so seemingly simple could help people overcome their negative subconscious belief patterns ~ that was until she cured herself of an irrational fear of ants, the very first time she did an AFT session on herself (full story on My AFT Journey page)!

Over the past 12 years, Teresa has seen her Reflexology clients benefit from her nurturing touch and the power of pure essential oils.  Her deepest desire was always to coach people to make permanent shifts in order to break free of the fears, self-doubt and excuses which were standing between them and realizing their dreams and heart's desires.   She sees AFT as her dream self-empowerment tool, which is allowing her to help people help themselves! Teresa is literally on fire with excitement seeing how AFT is changing how people perceive themselves and discover how to take charge of their own health, emotions and well-being!  Teresa is so passionate and convinced about the power of AFT to change people's lives, she quit her day job, took a leap of faith and went all in... she's THAT sure she can show you how to identify what you want and how to work through any resistance you might have to getting it.  At 57 years old, Teresa feels she is just hitting her prime and getting started with her life's true mission ~ living a life full of energy, purpose and giving others hope!


The loves of my life... (from left) Gareth, Wolfgang, and Kevin, all snazzed up before a wedding! (And before taking the dance floor by storm!)

The loves of my life... (from left) Gareth, Wolfgang, and Kevin, all snazzed up before a wedding! (And before taking the dance floor by storm!)


Teresa's perfect day...

Morning meditation followed by a cup of Oolong while listening to birdsong, doing T'ai Chi outdoors, trying out new recipes in the kitchen while listening to her favorite podcasts, getting her hands dirty in the garden, reading yet another self-help book, and then snuggling up with her hubby, Wolfgang, to watch an uplifting movie.  Oh, and all WITHOUT getting out of her jammies!