I feel this session certainly helped me overcome the fear of flying and I felt more at ease with each flight and the overall experience.
— Brenda Jordan | Reiki Practitioner & Horse Boarder | Raleigh, NC

                                Is AFT for you?

AFT uses the aroma and power of essential oils to shift awareness away from negative thoughts, feelings and memories, and towards a more POSITIVE attitude, resulting in greater CONFIDENCE and FREEDOM to reach your highest potential!  When we are no longer in the grip of subconscious negative mindsets, we can create the life we desire!               

  • Are there changes you want to make in your life, yet you find yourself making excuses, avoiding, resisting, procrastinating, self-sabotaging ~ and aren’t sure why?

  • Are you willing to be an active participant in healing long-held negative beliefs, habits, cravings, pain or fears, which no longer serve you?

  • Would you like to embark on a journey of self-discovery in order to learn how to take charge of your mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual well-being?

  • Do you feel like you are living up to your full potential, utilizing all of your strengths, gifts and talents?

  • Are you willing to take daily positive action to empower yourself to achieve your goals?

Here's why AFT is so unique:

The founder of AFT, Psychologist Dr. Benjamin Perkus, has integrated over 20 years of clinical experience and 15 years using Young Living Essential Oils into a process so easy to use, ANYONE can pick it up and begin transforming their lives!   Even people who have never used essential oils before or who don't know anything about Psychology have been astounded by the SIMPLICITY, EFFICIENCY, and POWER of this tool. 

The technique was specifically designed for the lay person to understand, yet contains the therapeutic knowledge that clinicians use in their practices!  The best part?  The AFT process can be learned through sessions with Teresa, from books, videos, or online trainings, and then applied IMMEDIATELY!


As a result of the AFT process, you can experience:

  • A sense of clarity, purpose, confidence & freedom

  • Alignment with your authentic self

  • A life of heightened awareness and intuition

  • A permanent shift in how you view yourself in the world

  • Feeling lighter, happier, and energized!