Aroma Freedom is a simple, gentle and effective, step-by-step process combining aromatherapy, psychology, and neuroscience.

It permanently shifts negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs into feelings of empowerment, so you can confidently take the necessary steps to realize your goals and dreams!

I have been in traditional psychotherapy for 2 decades (including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and had better results with Teresa in one session of AFT. Absolutely transformative! AFT is an amazing therapy, and I can’t imagine a more compassionate or skillful guide to have on the journey than Teresa.
— K.P. | Charlottesville, VA


Hi, I'm Teresa - it's my life's mission to help you live up to who you want to be!

The most difficult challenge I see people facing in my practice, is that they have every good intention of changing bad habits, but often struggle to either ACTUALLY DO IT, or STICK with it.  

I have studied enough about the subconscious mind to know that even if we "know" the right thing to do, we’re mostly controlled by our negative programming, whose job it is to keep us safe... and small!  

This has led me to search high and low to find that elusive tool to help my clients permanently shift from self-limiting beliefs to confidently doing whatever they set their minds to.  Imagine a life where nothing hold you back!

In 2017, I came across the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) and its revolutionary approach, which helps you dissolve your negative conditioning and get un-stuck, so you can begin to create the life you’ve always wanted.  

I've witnessed the POWER of AFT to open up pathways in the brain, leading to new perspectives and possibilities for people who were feeling blocked and trapped. I love working with people who are eager and ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery... to free themselves from old patterns, shift into new paradigms and become self-empowered!

Hear what Dr. Perkus, clinical psychologist and founder of AFT, has to say about this cutting edge technique...

The Aroma Freedom Technique is a powerful process for identifying and releasing the subconscious barriers to success that may be holding you back from happiness and success.